The Vaginal Renewal ® Program is a non-pharmaceutical, hormone-free, low cost way for women to address vaginal dryness and atrophy, or thinning of the skin.

Who is it for? Those with vulvas and vaginas who:

  • Has gone through menopause
  • Has gone through cancer treatments or had a hysterectomy
  • Is taking oral contraceptives
  • Is experiencing discomfort or pain during sex, pelvic exams or daily activities due to dryness and atrophy of the vulva and vagina
  • Cannot or chooses not to use estrogen or hormone-based treatment due to risk, side effects, or cost
  • Has had pelvic surgery or radiation affecting their comfort with penetration

How do I get started? The program involves two parts:

Just like putting lotion on any other part of your body, applying a moisturizing lubricant on a regular basis to your vulva and vagina can help re-hydrate the skin and tissues.
We recommend using one of the following hybrid water-based lubricants externally and sometimes internally to help address dryness.
Sutil Luxe, Sensuva Hybrid, Oasis Silk, or Sliquid Organics Silk


Blood flow is essential for skin and tissues health. Estrogen promotes blood flow, so if your body is no longer making estrogen, skin can begin to thin and get fragile.
Vibrating massage is an effective way to bring blood flow to heal and maintain skin manually. We developed the FeMani ® Massage Wands with high quality medical grade materials and the ideal vibration for rehabilitation.
We recommend using these wands to massage internally and externally along with the moisturizing lubricant of your choice:
FeMani ® Massage Wands


Purchase a FeMani® Massage Wand Kit for the best value. Includes two sizes of the wand and a small bottle of the moisturizng lubricant of your choice!

Click here for the full Vaginal Renewal® article and printable brochure for more detailed information, including step by step instructions for using the products above.