S.E.X.: the All-You-Need-to-Know Progressive Sexuality Guide to Get You Through High School and College


An inclusive, comprehensive sexuality guide to navigating and understanding the changes and challenges of becoming an adult. This “tell it like it is” resource is written by the founder of the favorite internet resource for young adults, scarleteen.com. This is the updated second edition with deeper information on gender identity, orientation, consent and more.


This incredibly inclusive, comprehensive sexuality guide for young adults is written by Heather Corinna, founder and editor of scarleteen.com. This web resource has been a safe, friendly go-to space for teens and college-aged folks to find smart, straightforward, compassionate, and thoughtful answers about sex and relationships since 1998. The book was clearly put together with the understanding that can only come from answering hundreds of real questions from young adults. The tone and topics reflect the complexity of the times, addressing specific challenges faced by generations growing up in today’s world and culture.


S.E.X. includes information about body development and basic sexual anatomy, how to love your body, birth control and safer sex methods, a sexual readiness checklist, discussion of gender identity and sexual orientation, the basics of solo and partner sexual activities, a great resource guide for further information, and empowering relationship guidance. Along the way, readers are encouraged to reflect on their own experiences, values, and developing identity with prompted inquiry and exercises.


Paperback. by Heather Corinna. 2016. 332 pages.

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