Adjustable Lasso Erection Ring


This adjustable erection ring can be used with a vacuum pump as part of the Penile Rehabilitation program, and is a good choice for those who would like control over sizing and fit.

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This is a simple adjustable ring designed to be worn either at the base of the penis or at the base of both the penis and testicles. The bead allows you to change the tightness easily to accommodate personal preference and size. This is a good choice for use with a vacuum pump as part of the Penile Rehabilitation program, or as a tool for enhancing or prolonging an erection during intimate play. The friction between the bead and the stretchy latex ring can make it difficult for weaker or impaired hands to manipulate, especially once the item is in use. If you suspect that this may be an issue for you, opt for the Relaxed Fit Stretchy Elastomer Erection Ring linked below.

Color: Black.
Size: 6″ long from tip to tip. Stretches to accommodate most girths.
Material: Latex rubber and plastic
Batteries: none.
Cleaning instructions: Wash with warm, soapy water.
Special Instructions: We recommend wearing this for no more than 30 minutes at a time.

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Weight 50 g