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Resources About Sex for Kids Ages 3-10

Many parents notice that kids have an awareness and often curiosity about bodies and touch as early as they notice other aspects of their world and themselves. We know that these first experiences of exploration and understanding are important to children’s development of healthy body image, feelings and ideas about safety, and also their ability […]

What is Sexual Health?

Sexual health might seem a tricky concept to define, given how little we hear about it. Even if your personal perspective of normal adult sexuality is holistic, non-medical and/or allows for some level of personal sexual expression, “normal” was defined back in 1970 by Masters & Johnson. Although their research was groundbreaking, Masters & Johnson […]

The Path to Healthy Sexuality

Most of us never really learn about sex—what to expect, how it works (and doesn’t work), and what to do when it isn’t what we expect. We receive a lot of messages about sex and what it “should” look and feel like, but most of these messages are not based in reality and a poor […]