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Resources About Sex for Kids Ages 3-10

Many parents notice that kids have an awareness and often curiosity about bodies and touch as early as they notice other aspects of their world and themselves. We know that these first experiences of exploration and understanding are important to children’s development of healthy body image, feelings and ideas about safety, and also their ability […]

Male Sexual Anatomy


There are many potential causes for pain in the vulvar region, and the term “vulvodynia” is a word that describes a variety of conditions. Vulvodyina, or chronic vulvar discomfort, is characterized by burning, stinging, irritation or rawness of the vulva. Three different sub-types have been described, and have different treatment approaches: skin disease, inflammation of […]


When a woman experiences a closure of her vaginal opening that is stiff and located about 1 1/2 inches inside the vagina (not at the very outside), this may be a condition called “vaginismus”. Vaginismus is an unconscious spasming of the pelvic floor muscles that surround the opening of the vagina.


Othercourse is creative sex play that is not limited to, or focused on intercourse. It can include any sexual activities you and your partner enjoy, and can lead to anything you both agree to. It can be the first course, the last course, the main course, or the only course. Who is it for? Othercourse […]

Delayed Ejaculations

There are a variety of reasons that men may be unable to orgasm and ejaculate, a condition known as delayed ejaculation (DE) or ejaculatory delay. DE is defined as the inability to orgasm and ejaculate within a period of time that seems reasonable to you and your partner. This doesn’t mean just 2 or 3 […]

Can’t Have Orgasms Anymore

Changes in arousal and ability to reach orgasm are completely normal, though often very frustrating, experiences. While many physiological and psychological factors contribute to our ability to feel pleasure and allow arousal to build, below are some things to consider. First, have you started taking any medications, or had any changes in your health? If […]

Eager Ejaculation

In books and movies, our culture glorifies the mad, passionate rush to intercourse as the ultimate sexual experience.  Unfortunately, frenzied sexual experiences can sometimes be unsatisfying and difficult to control.  If ejaculation occurs before either partner wishes, it is often called “premature ejaculation.” This makes it sound like a medical disorder, but it’s not.  Even […]

Anorgasmia and Anti-depressants

It’s important to distinguish between someone who has never experienced an orgasm (called primary anorgasmia), and someone who used to have orgasms, but now cannot have them as frequently, or at all (secondary anorgasmia). For people who have never experienced an orgasm, often it takes learning more about yourself, your anatomy, and how your personal arousal […]

Orgasms for Those with Vulvas and Vaginas

What do you do when you’ve never had an orgasm? Or if you’ve had them in the past, but can’t get here anymore? These are some straightforward answers, yet many women can’t find enough information about their bodies to learn how to give themselves an orgasm. Often we expect our partners to know how to stimulate […]