About Us

20140828103032-Ellen_B_headsm20140827132603-MWHead2We are a two woman team–a physician and a counselor–who have been running a woman-centered sexuality resource center and store together for 20 years. Our store, A Woman’s Touch, is based in Madison, WI, but our online resources and outreach programs reach customers and health-care providers all over the country and beyond. Through A Woman’s Touch, we provide a safe, comfortable place for men and women of all ages to find the information and products they need to improve their sexual health.

Soon after we opened the business, we found that about half of the people who walked through our doors were seeking very specific answers to sexual health questions and help with dysfunctions that were not being addressed by their healthcare providers. We realized we were in a unique position to help address this need for sexual health education and care.

Ellen’s background in social work and Myrtle’s background in medicine armed us with the perfect set of tools for listening to these customers, researching their questions, and translating the science into a solution to help. After nearly 18 years of gathering these answers and developing sexual wellness programs to help both individuals and healthcare providers, we’ve decided to the time has come to focus these resources and make them accessible to everyone who can benefit from them.

FeMani Wellness® is here to provide a resource for you as an individual as well as information and products for health care providers who want to offer their patients the best support they can when questions about sexual health and pleasure come up.

Let us know if you have questions that we don’t answer here. This site is a work in progress and we want it to work well for you whether you have personal questions or need something as a professional.